Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm a draftswoman, great!

3D rendering via Sketchup. Design is by Architect Luzzette.

I love my job. I mean being an architect. Really.

I've been lucky, getting this volunteering placement. Being an architect, there's only so little humanitarian work or professional volunteering opportunities (none that you don't self-fund, IMHO) or with known volunteering agencies or iNGOs.

It's not the ideal volunteering job, you know, like working with the grassroots community, etc. but hey, I'll take what I can, where I'm needed. That was my attitude.

And so when there's actual designing assigned to me during my volunteering stint, I'd be glad to do it. Well, in this case, it's just a 3d rendering of a proposed drivers' lounge of DDU (designed by Arch. Luzzette) but I love the thrill of designing. (Apparently, the scientific director gives out assignments like these.)

My workstation hardware isn't up to par but this is better than the one a student made. 

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