Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walk This Wadi

It's alive! This mostly dry river (seasonal river aka wadi) has sprung to life with sandy yellow water rushing through.
So Andy and I finally decided to go for a trek towards one of those hills surrounding downtown Dire Dawa.
We stopped by a baklava shop in Megala for a quick breakfast and hailed a bajaj to take us nearer to the trails, around a district called Laga Hare. After successfully losing the kids who were trying to follow us (it could be nice, with companions and all, but could be annoying at times, so it's generally best to go about without them), this bustling river life greeted us -- with herds of sheep and goats trying to cross the river, one going the opposite way than the other, then donkeys slung low with super heavy loads, children playing, splashing about the murky, knee-deep water, women folk in their colorful shiti on their way to the city -- just fascinating!

The planned climb turned into a river trek/hike when the usually dry wadi (Arabic term for seasonal river) was with water. Walkin' the wadi just was way more interesting.
A bustlin' river life - at the start of the trek.
Wuha! Yellow water.
There was rapids - even!
Celebrity skin! Locals askin' to have photos taken with us - not extraordinary hereabouts. Look who's enjoying the attention. ;)
Very fashionable women - just love the colors!
I've said this before -- donkeys have my deepest admiration! Like, seriously. 
Abbey Road, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. 
Mandatory foot selfie.

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