Thursday, July 23, 2015

Got (Camel's) Milk?

So, camel's milk...

So Krishna, who is also leaving Ethiopia, has this brilliant idea of cleansing/detoxing via camel's milk, before we go. Because, you know, Ethiopia.

You see, camel's milk is said to treat constipation which means...


My new pal, Badrichow, (new to me, but old pals to Krish, et. al.) offered to take us to the camel's milk place. It's deep in Dire Dawa's Megala quarters, where most of his family still lives.

Krishna, Badrichow, Kim and I set out from their area in Memriya, and had breakfast at their favorite roadside eatery, Frehiwot's.

Breakfast at Frehiwot's in Memriya. Enkulal firfir (scrambled eggs) and denech salata (potato salad).
After circling around in Megala, Badrichow himself kept asking people around where this elusive camel's milk is sold, we finally found the place. Even as we were approaching the place, we could already smell the sickeningly thick scent of milk in the air. (By then, my stomach was already protesting.)

Camel's-milk-filled gerry cans of varying sizes strewed the road side to make a makeshift souq. Buyers bring their own containers. As for us, we were handed a big-tin-glassful of camel's milk. There were only two glasses, so we had to down it fast.

First up, were Krishna and I.
Then, Kim and Badrichow.
Got milk?
Of course, this woman requested for a photo with us.
Also, we were attracting a crowd, and had to go sooner, else we were disrupting their business.

Next stop was Taiwan (the local shopping center). Why? Because we needed to kill time. And along the way, look at who we meet?

Because drinking camel's milk isn't enough, we had to meet one. Love the green in our sandals!
At Taiwan, we met Badricho's cousins, who ran a textile shop there. And while we were there, I bought two pieces (ETB80 each) for shiti, which I had tailored then and there (ETB10 each).

The crazier the color and the pattern, the more Africans like it. Or so it seems.
A quick stop at a chat shop. By this time, Krishna was already asking for the toilet.
Then back to Memriya for lunch.

The afternoon was for a jamming session at Badricho's.
And by jamming, we mean jamming.
It was a great day. There was a rave party in my stomach the whole time we hung out at Badricho's. Even Badricho had upset stomach. (As a Somali, he's a milk drinker, but not camel's milk, so he's not immune.)

I was able to hold it in, but you'd never know that drinking milk would be this unpleasant. Unless you're lactose intolerant.

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