Saturday, July 9, 2016

(After Ethiopia) Look what I got from Ethiopia!

What could be in the package?

It turned out that my Filipina colleague back in Dire Dawa University is here in the Philippines and look what she sent me?

Harar Gold Coffee, yay!

Ethiopian coffee! Of course, that's Harar coffee (said to be one of the best espresso coffee beans in the world!) from our side of Ethiopia.

It's the beginning of summer vacation in Ethiopia, but I know from before that Ma'am Luzzette doesn't usually go home every year. But I was gonna ask her if someone would. (I was thinking of asking that someone to buy for me some Ethiopian dangling earrings...) Someone did. And it was Ma'am Luzzette. But she's already here - to attend her daughter's graduation, in fact!

A different brand from what we brought back home last year, but better packaging as it's vacuum sealed!

And she has coffee for me! Since she's from Luzon, quite far from my island of Bohol, she shipped the coffee to me - and voila! - I got it the very next day!

Of course, right after I opened the coffee, I had to make myself a cuppa!

There's no other way to have an espresso!

Bunna konjo no!

Bet'am amasagennalu, Ma'am Luzzette!

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