Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paint Weekend

You talkin' to me? Luscious lips for the girls, Kalkidan and Amen at it.
Inspired by Ronch's lecture on street art and urban planning last Thursday, and the serendipitous (yah, yah...) visit of their artist/architect friend, colleagues were swept into a random (street art - inspired) paint weekend in their compound.

Although, Amen, Hamdi and Samson, who all live together in one compound, were all hoping that Ronch was still around to join the paint sessions, unfortunately Ronch was already off to Awash National Park by the time they decided to paint their walls with some of the well-loved street art from off the internet.

Posing behind Alice Pasquini's infamous mural.
I was honored to have been invited by Hamdi and Amen for this random creativity event (though sorry that I came late, I had to do stuff at the uni, yes, even though it was a Saturday), where they even reserved a wall for me to paint on. I had to beg off though, because save for doodle art, I can't do random art, especially not "street" or "graffiti" or "murals". Nope. I gotta think, plan, conceptualize, procrastinate.

But copying, I can do. No problem.

Samson gave me a printout of a badass artwork (from the Internet) that he liked. So, voila! This was on Saturday. I came late, almost dusk so I just had time to do the outline.
Came back today to finish up.
Not quite finished, but good enough. Samson can finish up the text, which, with the help of Francois (who came over very briefly), we changed to French.
And here are the works of the others. We'll do originals, next time.

Of course, Bob Marley.
That was changed to this version the next day.
The Chucks fever is everywhere.
Samson doing the football player Bob Marley.

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