Thursday, November 6, 2014

Proposed Auxiliary Student Toilets + Showers

My proposed design for the student showers.

The Scientific Director has again given me a design assignment.

I told him, "Are you sure you need this? Is DDU actually building these?" He said, "Yes." They actually already demolished the old ones and now they need a new sturdier design for the replacement, which has been proposed to be more permanent than a makeshift shack.

So, that motivated me. (Because, you know, the Drivers' Lounge was never built. We saw some GI sheet shacks sprouting near the garage, and we suspect that they just show the fancy design for fund-sourcing but are building the actual ones, ramshackle.)

Anyway, here goes.

With details.

Front perspective showing planters.

Rear perspective showing access to overhead water tank.

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