Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Sabado Night

So, for the first time in 10 months, I finally hosted a small soirée .

I've been talking about doing it for months. With Gavin, at first. He's been planning to host a party as well for his office mates, and when I got here, he asked me to co-host it with him, invite some of my friends over as well. But then that never happened. Then I took on that idea, thinking of a reason or an occasion to hold the party. Andy was also keen on the idea. He could host one in his house, too. Or something. We kept thinking and talking about it. With other friends. Intermittently. In between sips of beer. And getting by.

Meanwhile, we were enjoying parties hosted by the others. By the Haramaya gang's, Francois' (a soiree, just hanging out, really) and Aytor's. Then they all left, starting end of June to mid July. (Miss you, guys.) And so there was just us left.

I gotta do it finally. Why?

Why not!

So, it was an opportune thing that I had the chance to go to Addis Ababa last week for the M&E training, so I had the chance to pick up some supplies from Addis, mainly disposable plates, spoons and glasses, and some fruits.

There'd be food in get-together's that I imagine myself hosting. So yah, there was some food. (The ICS volunteers helped with the salad, the Filipino colleagues helped with the cooking, Konjit brought her homemade chips.) And drinks. And it was alright.


Strawberries and beer. Way to go, Andy.
Looks gorgeous, though. That's balsamic vinegar, not chocolate.
The colleagues came. The dude in the middle is my department head (aka line manager in VSO-speak) Ato Asmamaw.
Then there's Claude (the new Francois) and Tiphane (my spelling might be wrong), French language teachers (interns) with my new colleague architects Hamdi, Samson and Amen.
Of course, not to be missed, the Filipino mafia. Colleagues from the university (expatriate professors) Sir Stephen, Ma'am Lizel, Doc Rommel (as in MD), Sir Ferdie (technical expert working with the tech-voc college, separate from the uni), and Ma'am Luzzette.
Some VSO-ICS kids came, too. I invited them because this house has an ICS history. The cycle 1 supervisor lived here and also had some kids come over at times.
And Konjit! (with the newly straightened hair!) with a friend.
And siyempre (of course), Melody, Konjit's bubbly and konjo daughter.
There was singing. (Thanks Andy, for bringin' over your guitar!)
And a prelude to dancing. (We hit the clubs after, see.)

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  1. Hi Liza, that is cool. Great that you are having fun there in Ethiopia.