Friday, October 3, 2014

Carbonara Craving

My gooey carbonara.
I've been craving for carbonara since I got back to Dire.

Ever since I had it one dinner at Awraris last week, I was like, "Oh, here's another pasta dinner I could make. And eat." The Awraris carbonara was not bad. Not as savory, and I'd say, bland even. But to me, this is good, as it means I could finish the whole serving because I don't have to drink (to drown the flavor) liquids in between swallows. You get the drift.
So, I went to Rita's earlier (with Ma'am Liezl, as we lounged at the Ras Hotel the whole afternoon, she, the whole day, to use the Wi-Fi)  to shop for sliced mortadella ham and grated cheese. No bacon, unfortunately. The defining carbonara ingredient (along with eggs). Rita's used to sell actual bacon, but it's been out of stock for months now.

After Rita's, we went to the Bridge grocery. It has an actual name (which I never learned, but I oughtta) separate from the Bridge Cafe in the same building, but we all call it Bridge, anyhow. There, I bought soy sauce and olive oil, and was, fortunately, not tempted to buy any other goodies.

At home, I quickly set to work at the kitchen. Using a classic recipe I got online, I went at it, very quickly, and once the carbonara was laid on a bowl and ready to eat, I went at it, very quickly, too. And then, it occurred to me, "I don't like carbonara." No, no, no, not just "my" carbonara. (This was first time, after all.) But I remember, the few times that I've had carbonara before, I didn't really like it that much. Why? Because it usually stank of raw-ish egg. And this, my carbonara, reminded me of that.

I wolfed it down anyway. 

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