Friday, April 24, 2015

Let's eat, kamote!

Too red. Means, it's a little bit overcooked. But still yummy, to me.

Deep-fried caramelized sweet potato. Easily one of my favorite Filipino snack foods.

Camote cue is the street food version, which brings me back to my school days where street food was king. (Still is.)

That's kamote! Sweet potato or sukwar denich in Amharic. Bought it from a Seido streetside veggie vendor for 10 birr (for a bunch of 4)
Another great way to cook kamote, besides the simplest, which is to boil or steam cook it, is cooking it with rice. We call it sinaksak, or something. The term means, to insert, referring maybe to how sliced sweet potato pieces are slipped into the rice + water mixture before it is cooked, the rice grains and kamote cooked together, creating a sweet rice mix, best served during breakfast meals.

Rice with kamote!

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