Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fish Week!

Fried tilapia with crispy fried red onions

Following the meat frenzy to mark the end of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church's fasting season -- Fasika ( aka the Ethiopian Easter) -- seems like I took a bad bunch, which interestingly was not from the Fasika feast (doro wot minamin minamin), I think, but from the fiyel (goat meat) tibs from a local restaurant... and then some... (minamin minamin).
Suffering for nearly 48 hours of hosting a hiphop rave party in my stomach, my first really bad attack since I got here, worse enough to scare the shit out me (pun intended), I got paranoid and committed not to eat out for the whole week -- and avoid meat.

Well, not entirely. Fish should be safe, I thought.

So to take on the impossible task, I ran to the fish shop and bought me some rock hard frozen fish -- a kilo of tilapia and half of Nile perch.

Fishy week.

Fried fish again. 
Steamed fish. An experiment (my steamer was too small), but turned actually good.

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