Friday, May 22, 2015

Got my grapes!

Green, green bokeh!

The best feature of my little compound is definitely the grape vine trellis. (Especially, when I transferred to the "house" proper of the compound, where the trellis is.)

It yielded fruits last year, but wasn't keen to "harvest" them, because when I tried to taste one from off the vine, it tasted rather sour. (On hindsight, it must be because I picked up an unripe piece.)

But this year, the translucent green goblets hung too delectably to resist.

Also, when I got home the other day, it seems that my landlady and her people helped themselves to the grapes already, with the wooden ladder still leaning on the trellis rafters. (By this time, I'm no longer surprised when they open the gate, unannounced, and do stuff to "their" house, which is rented by VSO for me.) First thing that popped into my mind, really, was (after the initial: WTF!) "Oh, so, these grapes are actually edible. They're being harvested!"

And that got met thinking, the next day (yesterday). And with the ladder still on, I climbed up the rickety steps, knife on my left hand and thinking as it got more wobbly on top, that, if I fall, no one's gonna know for hours (I only have a day guard, who doesn't even come everyday), and I'm just gonna rot here. (I only think this way, like, every other day, each time I do something silly, read accident-prone, in my house like climbing on ladders.) But heck, I was not gonna back out from picking me some grapes. Which, incidentally, was first time -- ever. "Wala'y ing-ani sa amo!" Nothing like this, back home!

But what a feat, what a feat! (Me, making something, out of nothing. Haha. That's a scoff.)

Here's my grapes spread. Perfect for the loooong weekend.

Grapes tossed with mangoes and bananas. Sweet and sour. Even seasoned it with salt and sugar!
Grape juice. Seasoned with salt and sugar, too. Yum.
And then, the money shot. Though, looks like one of those fake plastic grapes, no?

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