Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Melkam Genna at Emebet's Home

Doro wat, always doro wat. My favorite. (Note to self: have to ask the recipe from someone.)
While last year, Gavin and I were invited for the Ethiopian Christmas Day at our landlord's place, the next-door neighbor really, for some sumptuous doro wat and coffee, this year, our dayguard, Emebet, (also our landlady's sister), invited me to celebrate Genna with her and daughter Seppora.

Their home, is far-ish. Made farther by the dirt road, but otherwise accessible via Force bajaj or line taxis (mini-mini-buses) for 2 birr. Seppora came to my house to pick me up. The invitation was for lunch, but having stayed over at Ma'am Luzzette's and Ma'am Lizel's flat the previous night, I came home late morning already, almost noontime. So it was late lunch, for me, but I think in Ethiopian meal time, we started lunch about just the right time.

Food was delicious, of course. By this time, I've gotten used to injera, so no problems finishing mine. And coffee is always uber good, when served from a habesha's home. Ooh, and I learned that she has a sister in Germany and a brother in Holland. And the brother is married to a Filipina.

It was indeed, a happy christmas. Gave Emebet a tea cup set and the daughter, a box of caramels. Ooh, and I got a bringhouse for dinner.

Bet'am ammasegenallu, Embet and Seppora.

Daughter and Mother. Seppora and Emebet.
Seppora and me. Sweet girl.
Me and Emebet! (We got a shades of purple/pink convention going on.)

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