Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Need more meds

Doxycycline + Ibuprofen + Ascorbic Acid

I've never been exposed to synthetic drugs, growing up. The family was all about organic, herbs and roots, steaming and stuff. Having a legit shaman aka traditional healer in the family, my grandfather Talio, helped a lot, too.

What really helped, is that, we rarely got sick, save for the bi-yearly colds or flu (and the seasonal, once-in-a-lifetime chickenpox and measles).

But becoming an adult, and acquiring the constant headache (which I wouldn't call migraine, really, but that therapist who diagnosed me so, pinched my skull too much that I can still feel the pain from that therapy session,), I'm all about quick fix. Hence, pain killers. Not the junkie types, but the  regular ones, like paracetamol, ibupofren, mefenamic acid, aspirin, etc.

When I get my bi-annual colds especially, the coughing fit especially, which could go on for days, I'm really yearn for the easy fixes which I don't really know the brand, I just ask a doctor friend or a friend working for a health NGO or someone, what to take, and voila -- embarrassing colds gone.

I need that. Those. Like now.

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