Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So, this is actually happening.

After months of contemplation (yes, I've been trying to do a Baji -- like this, and this, and this, and this -- here...), weeks of consultations (read: side talks during lulls over beer) and discussions with anyone who might be interested, and then finally, getting some people interested, to the point where they're actually now the ones pursuing me about it (read: success! but to me, really: aneurysm) -- it's finally happening: a DDU-organized women's month arts exhibit here in Dire Dawa.

The first sign, that we were gonna get to do this, was me, becoming an art teacher, and then seeing quite satisfactory work from the students. And then, the much-anticipated new assistant director of Alliance Ethio-Francaise of Dire Dawa (aka Alliance) finally arrived. The Alliance is, of course, the first venue in mind for any sort of art exhibit (if we want to show them to the greater Dire Dawa City community, not just within the campus, which we can do anytime, and which we do yearly actually, with the architecture exhibit organized by the junior students for their half-life celebration, but which showcases not just the juniors' works but also the rest of the architecture students' works as well) in downtown Dire Dawa City. It's not the most accessible, the venue possibly could attract little to nada walk-in visitors, but it's the only cultural venue in town really.

Anyway, after meeting Berengere, the new Alliance assistant director, and talking about possibilities of collaboration -- there's where the gears started running.

A colleague (a prerequisite, a local colleague must be in on it!) then, also, bought into the idea -- got me excited, for a while, even! -- and voila! There we go. I can no longer stop the wheels from turning.

The show must go on. (To the Moulin Rogue's tune!)

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