Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meeting the Arch Students Org

NIDEF (roughly, sketch in Amharic) is the newly founded architecture students organization in DDU
The other Filipina architect/lecturer (full-time/paid with expat rate) here at Dire Dawa University, Ma'am Luzzette has also initiated programs for the department of architecture.

A general assembly was held this afternoon where I was also invited. The department head, Ato Fiseha, gave a welcome speech. The adviser, Architect Luzzette also gave a speech.

Naturally, I, too, was invited to speak. This was first introduction to the architecture students of DDU, I am yet to meet them in class. Oh well. I just shared some of my experience during my good ole student days, when I, too, was an active member/officer of our architecture students org, United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA). My UAPSA experience was probably one of the more memorable ones back at the uni -- at least my architecture major-related uni life. My unofficial major was, campus journalism, after all.

Ato Fiseha
Architect Luzzette

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