Monday, December 30, 2013

Visiting Fiseha's Baby

We have a new baby in our department!

Fiseha, my line manager, the Architecture department head, just became a new dad a few days ago. And as per tradition, Snafiksh, the department secretary, collected contributions from everyone, to buy gift(s) for the new baby boy, Amen.

We, then, set off to visit Fiseha's house, greet them mummy, and meet Baby Amen. And, of course, deliver the gift!

Colleagues came, as with secretaries from other departments. It was mostly a sitting affair, after kissing the baby. The interesting thing was when the genfo was served. An acquired taste, definitely. The colleagues said that serving genfo is a tradition for baby visits.

We had genfo, a simple wheat or barley porridge made spicy with berbere and rich with niter kibbee (some sort of butter).
With Snafiksh.

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