Friday, December 6, 2013

Touchdown Dire Dawa

Uh-oh, flyin' via a propeller plane. 
So, Dire Dawa.

I arrived early afternoon, an hour (definitely more) delayed, with Gavin patiently waiting outside the terminal. (Gavin is the other VSO volunteer in Dire Dawa, also works with the Dire Dawa University, but at the ICT department. He's been here 2++ years. Which is great, I'd have a guide of sorts.)

The flight was rather smooth (only had a bit of difficulty checking into the my flight, lugging the big-ass VSO box on top of my already cloggy luggage, hence the excess baggage fee of ETB800++), and had quite an assortment of passengers, businessmen-types in suit and ties, elegant Muslim women, and what looked like a full team of hot to hot-ish Adidas-clad (jerseys, shorts, bags, flipflops and all) dudes.

So here's Dire Dawa, at first sight.
Dire Dawa International Airport.
Dire Dawa International Airport.

Vast runway. This is even bigger than my city's back home. | Dire Dawa International Airport.

Mini-me's. | Dire Dawa International Airport.

Co-passengers. Some nice lookin' Adidas-clad laddies, from a football team, mostly likely.

Dire Dawa at first sight.

Dire Dawa at first sight.

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