Friday, December 20, 2013

My Crib

In the bedroom. Not much.
So my living condition... 

I share a compound with Gavin. He has the actual "dwelling" end of the compound, of course, as he is/was the compound's main dweller. Other volunteers were either short-termers or left (way) earlier.

I have the "outer" dwelling. (Or what I jokingly tell the other Filipino friends here, the "servant's quarter"). Two rooms. One for my bedroom, with a chandelier lighting, the room probably was the "dining room", as the kitchen (outhouse) is also outside of the actual house. The other room, which was to be my "living room" (now my office/living room/ dining room), has a door (locked tightly) that opens to the street, as well a windows (locked and sealed). This room might have been a little shop (called souq here, though that's market in Arabic) of sorts. And I have my own toilet and bath.
Though we share a compound, we pretty much keep to ourselves, Gavin and I. With the tiny kitchen that we share, we try to keep out of each other's hair in there. I am thankful that Gavin is sharing to me some of his kitchen utensils and other stuff as it would have been tough for me otherwise.

Lomo wall.
My DIY smartphone dock.

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